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Are my tasks outsourced?

GlobalTeamz is not an oursourcing agency! We help you find Virtual Generalists and Specialists to work full-time exclusively for you, in your team.

What should I know about hiring internationally?

Hiring internationally with GlobalTeamz is just as seamless as hiring locally. We take care of compliance, payroll and benefits for you so you can start expanding your team internationally with no extra hassles.

Which locations can I hire in?

We connect you with the best employees in your local city & internationally. You can always let us know if you're looking to hire for an in-office role and we will try our best to accommodate and find the best qualified people in your city for the role.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the performance?

If any of our candidates leave the job or are let go in the initial term of three months, we will find you a replacement at no extra cost.

Does GlobalTeamz help with managing tasks and processes?

GlobalTeamz only helps you with finding the right candidate, setting up the interview, onboarding them to your team and taking care of international payroll & HR activities. We do not monitor the tasks assigned to the Virtual Assistant. However, we do have many third party tools that we use to share logins safely to the remote team, to track time and to manage tasks, that we can set up for you to seamlessly manage your first ever remote employee.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my data?

All our candidates sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect you and your business data. If you require any additional contracts, we can discuss that as well. We can also install data protection and data monitoring software for your remote employee's system to safeguard data.

Where are the candidates located?

We are everywhere, spread across different countries. While we're headquartered in San Francisco, we are a fully remote team spanning 6 countries, with employees working across timelines. We love remote work because it allows us to hire the best people from anywhere, not just here in SF.

Can I hire part-time or full-time?

We help you hire both full-time & part-time Virtual Assistants & Specialists.

What Industries do you serve?

We help you hire both skilled generalists and dedicated specialists for your team. Our generalists can handle multiple tasks like email correspondence, phone screening, setting up meetings, data entry, overseeing process, creating reports & more. Our specialists are graduates in a set of skills such as graphic design or bookkeeping and are open to work across all industries and businesses sizes.

What are your terms and fees?

GlobalTeamz's terms are at 18%.

Do I have to pay to talk to candidates?

No - you do not have to pay to look at profiles or to speak to candidates. You only pay when you hire any of the candidates that we present to you.